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Top 5 Running backs in Madden NFL 15

Jul 23 2014 06:10 PM | StuDS0n in Madden NFL 15

Top 5 Running Backs in Madden NFL 15 Revealed

EA has revealed the top 5 running backs in Madden NFL 15 in the third day of their two week long player ratings release hype machine. While on my drive to work I noticed the guys over at GoodGameBro.com were tweeting about the running back reveal today so I figured I'd try tip everyone off. Yeah, too easy for at least 3 out of the 5 but Forte getting some respect surprised me in a good way.


I should at least win something for this?




Top 5 Running backs are:


1 - Adrian Peterson (98 OVR)

2 - Lesean McCoy (97 OVR)

3 - Jamaal Charles (97 OVR)

4 - Matt  Forte (95 OVR)

5 - Marshawn Lynch (95 OVR)


Adrian Peterson in Madden NFL 15


Lesean Mccoy in Madden NFL 15


Jamaal Charles in Madden NFL 15


Matt Forte in Madden NFL 15


Marshawn Lynch in Madden NFL 15

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Top 5 Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 15

Jul 22 2014 05:29 PM | StuDS0n in Madden NFL 15

The Top 5 QB's in Madden NFL 15 Revealed

After the big reveal of the top 13 rookies in Madden NFL 15 yesterday, the flow of news continues today with the top 5 rated quarterbacks. 4 of the top 5 are pretty much undisputed by fans across the board but there are endless opinions about how the fifth best quarterback should be determined. At one point, Eli Manning was in the discussion after winning his second Super Bowl. After last year, I don't think that's even debatable. Regardless, the top five are below and the possible surprise in the top 5 is Russell Wilson.

Peyton Manning in Madden NFL 15

1. Peyton Manning (98 OVR)

AWR: 99
THP: 86
SAC: 99
MAC: 96
DAC: 88
PAC: 98

Manning is the most accurate based on a composite rating of the three levels of accuracy along with the best play action passer. His weakness is his declining throwing power but if you are using him in CFM - that is easy to fix with a little XP. Throw power was one attribute that actually became cheaper as you leveled it up in Madden 25. Maybe that was a bug but it's a good bug if you want to get that throw power up.

Aaron Rodgers in Madden NFL 15

2. Aaron Rodgers (98 OVR)

SPD: 80
THP: 94
SAC: 92
MAC: 88
DAC: 90

Rodgers ties Manning in the overall rating but he gets there with much higher speed and better throw power. The 90 DAC makes him the most accurate deep passer in the game. Rodgers is fast but it seems like 80 is a little high?

Drew Brees in Madden NFL 15

3. Drew Brees (96 OVR)

According to Donnie Moore, Brees was 17th in the NFL in deep passing accuracy last season which knocks him down to an 81 DAC rating. Pretty brutal but otherwise he remains second in short and medium passing.

Russell Wilson in Madden NFL 15

4. Russell Wilson (93 OVR)

SPD: 86
AGI: 90
ACC: 92
THP: 93
DAC: 89

Wilson is the surprise of the top 5 but looking at these ratings you can see how his overall is 93. The speed, agility, and acceleration are not as weighted as heavily in the overall calculation as the throw accuracy and other attributes related to passing but Wilson has it all. After thinking about some of the other top passing QB's from last season - Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, and Andy Dalton for example, Wilson deserves being in the top 5 for Madden purposes.

Tom Brady in Madden NFL 15

5. Tom Brady (93 OVR)

AWR: 99
SAC: 94
THP: 93

Brady rounds out the top 5 with strong passing accuracy ratings, throw power, and awareness. With the renewed importance on passing accuracy in Madden 15, Brady will be a great choice to run your passing attack with.

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Madden 15 Top Rookie Player Ratings

Jul 21 2014 05:26 PM | StuDS0n in Madden NFL 15

Top Madden NFL 15 Rookie Player Ratings Revealed

EA Sports has just revealed the player ratings for the top 13 players in Madden NFL 15. Here is a full breakdown of the top 10 player ratings along with some tips on how to improve these rookies for you CFM and our initial projections of where they would come in - for my own bragging rights. Consider it my resume' in case Donnie Moore ever retires.

View an excel spreadsheet of all the ratings here.

Top 10 Rookies in Madden NFL 15
Jadeveon Clowney Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#1 - ROLB Jadeveon Clowney (83 OVR)

Key Attributes:

SPD: 88
ACC: 92
STR: 79
AGI: 87
TAK: 86
PMV: 94
FMV: 85
BSH: 87

Our projected ratings for Jadeveon Clowney came in slightly higher at 90 SPD, PMV was slightly lower, and BSH was quite lower at 80. It goes without saying that Clowney will be a Madden beast for the Houston Texans owners/users. If the defensive line controls are as fun as described, it could be a cheese-fest with Clowney and Watt on the same d-line in the game and real life. For CFM owners, Clowney will go from an 83 OVR to +90 with ease by boosting the AWR rating, which is only a 65 currently.

Greg Robinson Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#2 - LG Greg Robinson (83 OVR)

Key Attributes:

ACC: 87
STR: 93
RBLK: 94
PBLK: 78
IBL: 88

While LG Greg Robinson was not one of the rookies we completed a ratings projection for, Donnie Moore had this to say: "His 94 RBK makes him the third-best run blocking LG in Madden NFL 15 from day one. 73 SPD/87 ACC for a Guard is just plain silly." For CFM, hopefully the ease of progressing offensive line is diminished so that these beastly rookie offensive lineman are worth something. Otherwise, it is not the most exciting pick to have for a Madden team but a necessary one if we are to expect the "battle in the trenches" gameplay lives up to the hype. Here's to hoping the Rams running game will be a little better with Robinson leading the charge; however, his pass blocking will need some improvement.

Khalil Mack Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#3 - LOLB Khalil Mack (81 OVR)

Key Attributes:

SPD: 87
ACC: 91
STR: 82
AGI: 87
BSH: 84
FMV: 76
ZCV: 74
POW: 87

All you need to do is look at those attributes and know you have a beast on your hands. That kind of speed and acceleration is something everyone wants on their team. CFM's around the world create weird franchise tag rules that prevent stupid trades because of guys like this. As with the other rookies, a quick boost to the AWR and PRC ratings will improve the overall rating pretty quick. With that kind of speed, you could also consider running man coverage with a LB like this if you could boost some of those coverage ratings.

Jake Matthews Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#4 - RT Jake Matthews (81 OVR)

Key Attributes:

ACC: 82
STR: 85
RBLK: 84
PBLK: 90
IBL: 85

Matthews is a much better pass blocker as compared to Robinson but otherwise nothing here really gets me excited. Again, it is a pick of necessity and hard to get excited about offensive line. With strength upgrades typically being quite expensive in CFM, I would bite the bullet and spend the XP needed to get him to at least 90 STR. The RT position is typically the lineman being abused by the LE in past Maddens and the additional strength will be needed.

Sammy Watkins Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#5 - WR Sammy Watkins (80 OVR)

Key Attributes:

SPD: 93
ACC: 95
CTH: 88
CIT: 77
SPC: 87
RTE: 76
RLS: 87

Watkins comes in at the #5 overall rookie despite being drafted 4th overall. My projected ratings for Sammy Watkins were spot on, nailing SPD and ACC exactly. CIT was considerably off because 77 still seems too low for a WR of Watkins Caliber. Otherwise, CTH, SPC, and RLS were all within 2 pts away. Of course Watkins will be a great addition to the Bills offense but could also serve as some serious trade bait if a CFM owner choose to go that route. Based on these initial ratings, I would target CIT and RTE as my first attributes to focus on improving for CFM.

Calvin Pryor Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#6 - SS Calvin Pryor (79 OVR)

Key Attributes:

SPD: 85
ACC: 89
ZCV: 76
TAK: 78
POW: 95

Despite the amazing hit power of 95, that 85 SPD is a killer for me. I really can't do anything with that except move him to OLB (if Madden were allow me to). Nothing else here that impresses me. Pryor was drafted 18th overall but ends up #6 in Madden rookie rankings? I'm just not seeing it.

Aaron Donald Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#7 - DT Aaron Donald (79 OVR)

Key Attributes:

SPD: 81
ACC: 87
STR: 93
PMV: 86
FMV: 70
BSH: 85

Well Ram's fans should be happy to have two of the top 10 rookies in Madden NFL 15. I'm actually a little more excited about Donald than Robinson. First off, a key attribute for any defensive lineman is strength. I like to see +90 STR at the DT position and Donald already has it. At 81 SPD, Donald is the fastest DT in all of Madden NFL 15 according to Donnie Moore. By comparison, Karl Klug was the fastest DT in Madden NFL 25 at 76 SPD. This is a guy who is versatile enough to line-up as an edge rusher from time to time. I'd focus on his PMV and BSH ratings to start with and get that AWR and PRC above 80 at a minimum.

Haha Clinton-Dix Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#8 - FS HaHa Clinton-Dix (79 OVR)

Key Attributes:

SPD: 85
ACC: 90
ZCV: 84
TAK: 69
POW: 83

As outlined in my projections for HaHa Clinton-Dix, his nice shuttle time paid off for his slightly better acceleration. I would have ranked Clinton-Dix ahead of Pryor but they both come in at 85 SPD. So unless SPD doesn't matter anymore in Madden, it will take some CFM XP cheese to get Clinton-Dix to the speed I want him to be. I'd shoot for 90 at least. Luckily the 84 ZCV makes up for a little bit of that SPD loss but he looks like a much better LB to me than a safety. If I wanted an 85 SPD safety, I would take Roman Harper out of free agency. No one wants Roman Harper, including his wife. :ph34r:

Taylor Lewan Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#9 - RT Taylor Lewan (79 OVR)

Key Attributes:

ACC: 87
STR: 90
RBLK: 85
PBLK: 86
IBL: 83

Lewan has good strength and is well balanced with his run and pass blocking. Nothing too flashy but a good lineman to develop for a season and you will have a pretty solid starter on your hands.

Blake Bortles Madden 15 Rookie Player Rating

#10 - QB Blake Bortles (78 OVR)

Key Attributes:

THP: 92
SAC: 86
MAC: 79
DAC: 76
PAC: 79
TOR: 78

Bortles is the first rookie QB and barely makes the top 10 despite being drafted third overall by the Jaguars. He does have good THP at 92 but his accuracy needs some improvement. My projections gave him a little too much accuracy for the medium and deep attributes. Bortles certainly gives the unfortunately CFM Jaguars owner something to work with at the QB position despite the challenges that come with running this team. Despite Bortles asking about his punting rating, it was not disclosed with the release of these ratings.

Honorable mention:

CB Darqueze Dennard, WR Mike Evans, and RG Zack Martin round out the top 13.

We will have more ratings analysis as more player ratings are release - along with offense and defense tips and CFM guides in the coming weeks and months! Check back for more!

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