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Desync in Madden 15 Connected Franchise Mode (CFM)


Having problems completing a game in Madden 15 CFM without a desync? The developers have weighed in.

Almost all Madden 15 players in CFM are currently having a problem with a desync issue. The game will randomly desync at various points in the game. If you are having this problem, Josh Looman CFM designer has tweeted a possible solution.



The bad news is we will probably have to wait a couple of weeks for this to be fixed.

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Madden 15 Defense Tip: Base align 2x to maximize zone/hybrid coverage

Sep 01 2014 04:24 PM | StuDS0n in Madden 15 Defensive Tips

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The POWER of base align^2

Making quick adjustments on defense can go a long way in allowing you to stop your opponents offense. Base align sets up your zone coverage players to defend more efficiently so that their zones don't overlap. You need to execute the base align command twice for it to reset the zones though.

The video below shows you exactly how to do it.

I find base align very handy when running a hybrid defense that combines man and zone coverage - especially when it comes to linebackers. Unless you are using a team like the Seahawks or 49ers, your linebackers are probably slow like mine tend to be. It isn't going to end well if you have slow linebackers covering fast 90+ speed receivers. Hybrid defense let's you keep your CB's in man coverage while using your linebackers in some type of zone. In the video below, I show you the basic set-up.

I encourage you do this from a 2 man under defense until you get the hang of the adjustments. 2 man under will give you 2 safeties deep so if something blows up in the coverage, you shouldn't give up a touchdown.

Set-up: Press LB then UP on the right stick, then base align 2 times

This will put all your linebackers in a hook (yellow) zone and then spread them out to maximize the ground covered on the field. You can change up which type of zone the linebackers cover once you get an idea of who your opponent likes to target.

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Here's what happens when you spam hit stick in Madden 15

Aug 30 2014 09:38 AM | StuDS0n in Madden NFL 15

I present, the Madden 15 NO ARM GLITCH

The next-gen graphics of Madden 15 at their finest....

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