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Madden 25 draft classes

Madden 25 Draft Class: Connor Falcon

Madden 25 Draft Class GuideMadden 25 Kaelin Narcisse Draft
Player Ratings/Attributes Key:

| POS=Position | HT=Height | WT=Weight | COL=College | OVR=Overall | AWR=Awareness | SPD=Speed | ACC=Acceleration | AGI=Agility | STR=Strength | STA=Stamina | CAR=Carry | BVC=Ball Carrier Vision | ELU=Elusiveness | JUK=Juke | SFA=Stiff Arm | SPM=Spin Move | TRK=Trucking | CTH=Catching | CIT=Catch in Traffic | RTE=Route Running | RLS=Release | SPC=Spectacular Catch | JMP=Jumping | TAK=Tackle | BSH=Block Shedding | PMW=Power Move | FMV=Finesse Move | PUR=Pursuit | POW=Hit Power| MVC=Man Coverage| PRS=Press | ZCV=Zone Coverage | PRC=Play Recognition | PBK=Pass Block | RBLK=Run Block | IBL=Impact Block | PAC=Play Action | SAC=Short Throw Accuracy | MAC=Medium Throw Accuracy | DAC=Deep Throw Accuracy | THA=Throw Accuracy | RUN=Throw on the Run | THP=Throw Power | TGH=Toughness | INJ=Injury | KA=Kick Accuracy | KPW=Kick Power | RET=Return | PER=Personality |

Madden 25 Player Ratings Explained

Note: All overall ratings are based on a West Coast Offense scheme and a Base 4-3 defensive scheme.

Development Ratings:


Slow < Normal < Quick < Star


The players without a rating you should assume are normal development. We did our best to get as many development ratings as we could.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


In my draft, a player is at a different position than the guide says he is? Why?


Some players have stories that change during the season. A player might start as a prospect on the defensive line and switch to offensive line. Our guide shows the position that the players are expected to be drafted at.

Why is the overall rating different on the guide than on my team?


Overall rating depends on your offensive and defensive scheme along with the type of player you are looking for at that position in your scheme (Speedy WR vs. Possession WR vs. Route Runner). This is why the overall rating is different.

Please contact Studs0n if you see any errors or missing players. Thanks for using e-Athlete Madden 25 Draft Guides!

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