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Madden 25 Draft Class Guide with full player ratings and attributes

Madden 25 Draft Class Madden 25 Draft Class Guide

Madden 25 Draft Classes

Madden 25 Draft Class Guide

After simming through all 30 seasons to compile the data, we are pleased to present our Madden 25 Draft Class guide. We are offering FREE access for everyone, including guests, for a limited time while we work out the kinks. Get access to all 30 draft guides for only $5!!

There's a few other resources out there for Madden 25 draft classes but none of them come close to the amount of data we have put together - unless of course you have access to EA Sports files. If you didn't know, there are 30 drafts with around 300 players in each draft. That's over 9,000 players with close to 70 attributes per player. No need to bother with the scouting system anymore when you can get any attribute you want to know for any player right here.

The video below shows some of things you can do with the tables as far as search and sorting. One feature I did not include in the video is the ability to re-order columns. You can drag and drop columns to put them in the order you want.

Update: Draft guides now feature development speed for most of the top prospects, I say "most" because it is possible we missed a few out of the 9,000 players in the draft classes. I also added a drop down menu to filter by position.

*SPOILER ALERT* All 30 draft classes included (based on top rookie QB prospect)

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