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Madden 13: Online Franchise Replaced by Connected Careers Mode

Posted by StuDS0n, in Madden 13 04 June 2012 · 48,042 views

Madden 13
Madden 13: Online Franchise Replaced by Connected Careers Mode We all had a feeling this would happen. The end of the Online Franchise mode has become a reality. The initial reaction is that our favorite online Madden mode is dead. Connected Careers seems like it will exceed what we hoped Online Franchise would become. Here is what this new mode will consist of.

Based on what I have read from the official Madden NFL Blog, Online Franchise, Super Star, and Offline Franchise have all been merged to Connected Careers. EA intends this to be the premiere franchise/league mode for all sports games created to date. It is that big. They began development on this before Madden 12 was released. This is going to be the franchise mode going forward for many years to come.

It is basically the game play of Madden, the addictive RPG features of WoW (World of Warcraft), and the sports management simulation of NFL Head Coach.

The 2 Minute Drill

This is going to be a long post. The quick, 2 minute summary of the Connected Careers mode is as follows:
  • 32 users - human or CPU controlled
  • Users control an individual player or team (as a coach)
  • Salary Cap w/ Free Agency
  • Real Player Contracts
  • Rookie Scouting and Rookie Draft with traded draft picks
  • Get Fired or released from your team
  • Play up to 30 Seasons
  • Practice with your team
  • Player progressions from game to game, season to season (using xp you earn from weekly and season long milestones)
  • Stories generated each week based on what's happening in the league including trades
  • Faux tweets from in-game Twitter accounts from sports reporters Adam Schefter, Rich Eisen, and Skip Bayless.
  • Website/Cell phone App integration
So that alone leaves a ton of questions but if you aren't excited yet, read on.

Begin your Career

Posted Image

The first step in Connected Careers is deciding how you want to play. Do you want to play as an individual player (traditional Super Star mode) or as a coach (traditional Franchise Mode). Each league will consist of 32 teams. Each team can be controlled by a user or a computer. Any combination of CPU and users can be used. If you want to just play a single player league with all CPU's, you can still do that. If you want to make a league with only users controlling QB's or DE's (why would you do this!?), you can do that. The set-up seems to be very flexible giving you tons of options on how you want to run your league and how you want to control your team.

You can choose to use a current player, coach, or create your own coach or player. If you are really brave, you can upload yourself in the game using EA's GameFace feature. Crazy. Scary. If I have to look at you fools pacing the sideline in the game......scared. I am planning to upload a picture of Christopher Walken to represent my coaching persona.

Develop Your Team or Players

Posted Image

In the past, each player on your team was limited by player potential. This was the rating that allowed your player's overall rating to fall within a specific range. With this new mode, every player on your 53 man roster can become a star. Those late round draft picks may actually mean something (which by the way you can trade now). You are the one who has the power to develop them. In the image above, one of the goals was to throw zero interceptions. As a result of meeting this goal, you earn XP. You can spend your XP points to add to the rating of your players and so forth. If you have a young running back you want to develop, spend XP points on him to increase his carry rating, for instance, to make him a more reliable back you can depend on to hold on to the ball.

Another way to earn XP is to practice. Yes, finally you can take your team into practice mode. Best of all, you are awarded with XP for practicing. There will be "Madden Moments" that will give you practice scenarios to complete in order to gain XP between your games. If you don't take advantage of this, you will fall behind in the development of your team.

Dynamic Events

There are many events that happen in the NFL that could never be predicted. Brett Favre comeback #3? Peyton Manning going to the Broncos? These things happen and are what keep us interested in the NFL. Connected Careers is promising to provide dynamic events that happen throughout the league. Players may retire, take a year off, and decide to come back to the league. A top rookie prospect may declare for the NFL Draft and then decide to stay at college for another year, completely throwing your draft scouting out of whack. Want to take a year off to leave the country and smoke some medicinal marijuana *cough* Ricky Williams *cough*? These are the kinds of things that can happen to your team.

Virtual Twitter Feed and Stories

This sounds very interesting. Up to 13 NFL analysts and reporters will provide feedback on what's happening in the league. These updates will be provided through a fake Twitter feed in the game. This can even be connected with your real Twitter account to be updated as trades and free agency moves are made in the game. Skip Bayless is going to be harassing us forever. There is even a Twitter feed during the rookie draft for feedback from these analysts who comment on the recent draft picks. Seems very interactive, but how many different lines can they fit into one game without feeling repetitive?

Build Your Legacy

Posted Image

Everything you do in Connected Careers is tracked to build your legacy score. At any time during the league, you can compare where you rank to other users of the league. At some point, as a coach or player, it may be time to make the decision to step away from the game. Depending on your legacy rank, you may make it to the Hall of Fame just like RG3. This will give you an idea of where you rank if you were really part of the NFL.

One question I have about legacy is if we lose an owner in the league, does their legacy rank remain in the league? If someone has to leave the league, could they come back down the road and take control of their team and continue to build their legacy?


There are so many details here, but this covers the important features. For users in our franchises in the past, yes, we will have Connected Careers leagues! It is going to be better than ever. I hope that this league will meet all the expectations we have had for franchise mode. At this point, I fully expect to have at least 2 leagues based on the number of users we have had on the site in the past.

What ideas do you have for Connected Careers at e-Athlete? What kind of leagues would you like to see here?

I have a boner.
Mine won't go away? It's gonna be awkward going to work this morning....
Punter only league Lol
Sweet Forget Summer...Bring on Madden and the NFL Season!!!
i just hope the servers can handle it cause it looks like it will be a lot of fun
Love this hope there are no country bugs to be fixed

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