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Madden 25 Cheats: Stiff Arm Glitch?

Posted by StuDS0n, in X-box One, Madden 25 26 December 2013 · 8,901 views

Madden 25 Cheats Madden 25 Xbox One
Madden 25 Cheats: Stiff Arm Glitch? Seeing some talk of potential Madden 25 cheating going on in the form of a stiff arm glitch. Apparently the glitch works by making defenders bounce off your running back like they can't be tackled and there's a mystical force field around them. I did some searching around and wasn't able to find anything concrete on exactly how it works or how to do it. One of our online franchise members was accused of using the glitch in the video below so I thought I would look into it.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Now, let's take a closer look at this video.

At :16 secs - This looks like a true stiff arm animation to me, defender running in, takes a punch to the head and it looks like his neck is broken in the process. Ok so maybe not the best animation but still looks like a legitimate stiff arm and was done using the precision modifier (LT on X-Box One)

At :17 secs - Another defender approaches, you can see the Seahawks user clicks on and immediately dives missing the defender. Arian Foster uses the stiff arm animation and pushes air.

At :19 secs - Seahawks user again takes control of the defender and executes a dive. This time it does look like Arian Foster makes contact causing the diving defender to bounce off. Looks glitchy.

And at :21 secs we see yet another Seahawk diving to miss the tackle.

So I think we have some evidence of at least one glitchy stiff arm in the video at 19 sec but for the most part, to me, it looks like the Seahawks user might have panicked and just started diving and trying to tackle before being close enough to Foster to wrap him up.

Here's another video which I believe is from Madden 25 on the Xbox 360.

Clearly some weird stuff going on here. The YouTube user BBxResurrect posted this and says that by completely stopping and executing the stiff arm the player falls forward for an additional gain despite the fact that the player had no momentum when the stiff arm was executed.

Maybe this is isolated to last-gen. I went into practice mode and tried it out with several running backs, including Arian Foster and was not able to replicate a glitch.. Sometimes I wouldn't even get a stiff arm pulled off - I would just get tackled. If you think it's a glitch or know a way to consistently get it to work, feel free to post in the comments or send me a PM if you don't want to blast it out to the public.

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First if I thought it was a glitch I sure as hell wouldn't have posted a video showing it. Second , it almost all timing , I was holding lt to run and hit A at the precise moment twp got close . As you can tell I wasnt just punching A as I was running down the field.

looks like guy just jumped tackled too early, looks legit to me 

Yeah.  The Foster run looks legit….just some bad angles being taken by the defenders.  Looks like a good run to me too.

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